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 My step1 experience!!

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PostSubject: My step1 experience!!   Mon Nov 29, 2010 9:24 pm

Its has been two weeks since I took my step1 exam. I m expecting my results in a week or two. I had always been thinking that I shall b writing only after getting my results but I was just thinking today that I owe a lot to this forum and to all the bros and sisters who have been helping me so that I should b contributing my experience.
I am thankful to all the people in this forum whose experiences I have been avidly resorting to and that has really been rewarding. In addition, perhaps an inspiration behind writing this is the vision that we must b helping each other. Any way, here is my experience.
I shall not be describing my experience in a narrative way, rather I would just illustrate any thing that can b of help to those aspiring for step 1 in the coming days. I m writing as I m recollecting so if u are not able to find a nice sequential arrangement in my writing
, I m sorry about that.
First of all let me a little bit philosophical,For success in this exam or even any other exam in your life, firstly, u must have a large capacity to dream and secondly u must have a conviction in your dreams.” So think high” I personally believe u cannot go beyond what u have dreamed. Done these two things, u shall be able to put in effort effortlessly.

1) I would not b recommending any books at this stage as I have yet to receive my results. It is only then that I might b suggesting or b in a position to recommend. However I would simply state at this stage that plz, try to keep your horizon as narrow as possible. Following just a single publishers anthology, to my view, can b the best option rather than resorting to too many books and at the end of day just feeling that u r not able to organize what ever u have read. I followed kaplan and I think this exam was not beyond the scope of its material. Follow whatever u want but the most important thing is ” it is not what u study its how u study. “ and one more thing” the most important thing is what not to study rather than what to study”
A blend of good cramming with a background of pure concepts is what is required for this exam.

2) I think it is not an exam of just your factual knowledge. plz make your concepts clear. They are asking no different things. The same old cock and bull story but in the garb of new clinical vignettes. If u just brush off the clinical aspect the left over is the same old factoid. Nevertheless, it is important to familiarize yourself with clinical vignettes so that u dont panic and stay cool.

3) Every block is a blend of very easy and very difficult questions. plz remember that if a question is taking more than 1.5 mins , the probability is that u actually don’t know the answer. So try to narrow down your choices to two (which u r usually able to do) and then simply go by your instinct and just click any one of the two and move ahead. (50% probability of being correct any way)
4) If u keep one thing in mind then u shall not panic "usually one block is always very tough.” so don’t panic. Just assume that it is testing your nerves.

5) Its advisable to take five mins break after every block (25mins for five blocks+ 5 mins for all the blocks to log in). It leaves u wid 30 mins for a long break or two long breaks that’s up to u.

4) Take every new question as a different battle fought on a different soil. Just try to forget whatever u have done in previous questions. If u can manage to do that then believe me, u shall never get tense. Have a faith that u have put in your best effort and u cannot go beyond your capacity so if u know u r definitely going to do it, else u cannot simply help it.

5) Its my personal experience (others might differ though) that u should not b wasting much time on path slides. However just doing the very basic of radiology slides (some basic CT's, some basic angiograms) can be helpful. Path slides, which were given were just a few and far between. In most cases, even reading the stem of question was sufficient to answer correctly.

6) I think the questions, which were the longest were the easiest to answer, provided u stay cool and do not panic just seeing the length of the questions.

7) Likewise, the questions which had a large no of options (may b even 9) were the easiest to answer. In some I had to just think and guess the answer without reading all the options and then I just looked for the pre-conceived answer and it was there somewhere among the choices. Moreover, it did work for me in almost all of such questions.

Cool Its important that u have taken a good 8 hours sleep the night before your exam. So even if u have to resort to sleep inducers that night just take a pill or two. It shall b a good option if u don’t study one day before your Exam. Just relax and have fun. Try to rest your nerves in prep for the strenuous effort u r goanna put the coming day
I think I should b writing the rest pending upon my results. I just wish that u pray for me. Good luck to u all. God bless u all

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PostSubject: Re: My step1 experience!!   Fri Nov 25, 2011 3:06 pm

Very informative information on your thread. I really impress your work. Very helpful information for new Doctors

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My step1 experience!!
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