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 Step-wise travel to USA

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Step-wise travel to USA   Empty
PostSubject: Step-wise travel to USA    Step-wise travel to USA   Icon_minitimeMon Nov 29, 2010 9:27 pm

1.VISA:Get proper visa=B1/B2----for this read post by priiyagrov--->search it.

2.TICKET:Now search on line sites for airtickets[round trip]----->try not to buy from them only take idea of cost...dont search same site repeatedly--->I feel somehow this leads the site to show higher cost of ticket.Best is to find good travel agent and then bargain and take ticket from him/her---or buy directly from the ticketing office of the concerned airlines.Try to book 2 months in advance.Talk to friends who have traveled to get idea of price and other tips like connecting flights.Sometimes if u book by the travelsites like give u absurd connectiing careful ..take time to read iternary before aggreeing/booking,see if the connecting flight inside US will charge extra for luggage.

3.CURRENCY=$:Buy US dollars from authorised dealer...they will give u reciept.Keep it with you.From India u can carry $2000 /=cash if you have paid the dealer by bank money transfer---he will give u legal reciept of this amount.If you buy currency by giving cash to dealer,then he can only give u reciept of $1000/=.So then you need to purchase TC{travellers Cheque}.In 1 year we can buy $10,000/= on one passport.Roughly my friends took $3-4000 for a trip to USA.Be careful to ring up 3-4 dealers and ask procedure and the exchange rates.The address of dealers u can find in newspapers--->but do this early ....not at the last minute.So whenever u see a dealer ad in newspaper,cut it out n paste in ur diary or someplace it will not be lost.Usually all dealers provide facility to drop the dollars/travellers cheque at your address/home.Another way to get cash or traveler cheque from these dealers is by giving them Demand dfraft or pay order.Ask them for details.Again a key tip is to update your pan card number in your bank and ask them is it feasable to make DD of 1-2 lakh at short notice.Also know that most bank do not allow more than 50,000/-Deposit in 1 day ,unless you deposit in the original base branch where u have your account.So taking money from dad at 11th hr n trying to deposit in ur account in 1 day wont do

4.IN USA:Open account in american express or some other bank,deposit all ur money ,TC in htere and get debit card....u cant get credit card as it need SSN.Now u r ready to go...use the debit card and shop and pay ur bills.
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Step-wise travel to USA
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