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 Here Is How To Get A 99 On Step 1

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PostSubject: Here Is How To Get A 99 On Step 1   Wed Jun 10, 2009 5:18 pm

First of all, decide that you want a 99. I mean if you decide that you want a 95 you will get a 90, so aim for 99 and nothing less.

You are only limited by what you think. If I told you that you could never fail what would you do? Do not get frustrated easily, life has just started for you, take one step at a time and enjoy it. You have great intelligence and education and a great life in the US. How many of your countrymen can get such an opportunity?

Here is what i would do: I would sit down first for 2 hours, shut down my cell phone, and take a notepad and a pen and start answering the following questions with full honesty and sincerity:

* What do i want? (if you are honest here you would say i want a 99 because anything less than that would be a lie).
* How would i feel when i have achieved my target? (think of yourself holding your USMLE Step 1 score sheet with a 99 and you giving your friends a great party and celebrating)
* What is preventing you from getting to your goal? How long would it take for you to reach your target?
* What are the resourses that you have that will help you reach your target?
* Do you have any role models who have got similar results?
* Describe your ideal day. What is your timetable and plan for achieving your target?

Answer these questions, not orally, but write them down on paper. You can do this even in chinese, but your pen should not stop for half and hour, just keep on writing. Then, read it out loud. Go to the beach and stand in front of the sea and say it out loud. Read it everyday after you wake up and before you go to bed. It should permeate into your system.

Now you will start feeling more confident. You should now start studying hard.

First start by reading the first 50 pages of kaplan Q Book where they have shown you how to prepare for the test and how to answer the questions.

There is a key to studying medicine. Before opening any book, answer this question: Why am i reading this stuff? For whom am I reading this text book? What is your answer? "It is for my patients." Any single line of the book can save the patients life. So then you will get highly motivated to learn each and every line of text book.

What has to be done?

* Kaplan LN for: Physiology, Biochemistry, Pathology, Pharmacology, Microbiology, Immunology, Behavioral Science
* Compass Anatomy/High Yield Anatomy/High Yield Neuronanatomy/High Yield Embryo/High Yield Histology
* BRS Behavioral Science
* BRS Physiology - Just the Neurophysiology.
* Goljan Patho - Very good, if you cant read it just solve questions from it.
* Kaplan Q Book and Bank
* USMLE Sample CD
* Hematology Slides from Harrison's Textbook of Internal Medicine
* Color Plates from First Aid
* Questions from Goljan patho full test
* Questions from goljan 5 star pathology

Last 3 weeks, don't just solve questions, but read all the material again.

Take B complex pills everyday......or else you will get wenickes enceph

Days before exam, solve the Kaplan Simulated and the USMLE Sample CD about 3 weeks before the exam.

Then 2-3 days for each subject. Just read Kaplan LN and nothing else, be confident, if you have read it before you are going to know the answer.

Take notes of all those things of Kaplan that you think that you cannot remember e.g. drug interactions with Cyt P450 in pharmac, side effects of lithium, etc. and write them in the diary.

Last 3 days, read no new material, just read those notes that you took and diary, also you might read certain topics that have to be memorized e.g. patho hemat, cns, kidney pharmac antiarryhythmics, anticancer, rhuematoid arthritis, behavioral sleep and stats, micro virus,etc. Do a rapid revision of those things.

2 days before exam, do USMLE Sample CD again, see photos of harrison and first aid, read diary.

Day before exam, just have fun and relax. Go for a haircut, go for a massage on the head, its so relaxing! Dont sleep in the afternoon or else you will not be able to sleep at night, do some physical activity like going for a walk, and relax with friends, watch a movie.

The morning of the day before the exam, read Kaplan Q Book 1st 50 pages where they have described the ways to answer question in the usmle.....................dont read anything on last day before exam.

Just check your orange card and passport.

Night before the exam, when you go to bed, visualise yourself at prometric and giving the exam, you are doing so great and fantastic and you know all the answers all the that is the greatest exam of my life..................... read something that inspires you before you go to bed, that you go to sleep with positive thoughts in your mind............. the next morning awake refreshed and happy and ready to give the exam...........take 3-4 bottles of tang or vital z with you for energy. take some jelly sandwich so that you get lot of sugars, remember your brain needs glucose as sole source of energy.

Have a breakfast and take 2 tablets of vitamin B complex because you need them more today and take apples in apple can stimulate you more that one cup of tea or coffee can. those of you who have a habit of drinking tea or coffee can take them to prometric as well...............

again check the orange card and passport..................................
now take the blessings of your God and conquer the exam

In the center, just take deep breaths
go to toilet before the test begins............
wash your face with water and wash your eyes and feel fresh
once you go inside the test terminal dont immediately start.............
take some deep breathes.
take the earplug and put them in your ear.
take the marker pad and then write on the pad............I am going to do
the very best. Come on You can and You will do it
surely................Nothing in this whole world can now stop
me..........Unleash my powers and awaken the giant within
now you are confident........................
then start the tutorial....................
you cant skip it but just keep on pressing the next button until it gets
over and then you will be asked your CIN no. Just type it and the exam
Read carefully and start exam. Dont worry..............
Just take the exam like you are playing a video game or computer
game, big deal just routine game.......................
most important ENJOY the exam,
after the block gets over just write on the pad. Great Job Doctor, keep up
the tempo, keep up the good work , 1 block over successfully..........
DO the 1st two blocks simultaneiously without breaks.
after two blocks take a break, wash your face and eyes to prevent eye strain
and fatigue, drink some tang. and start the third block.....
after your 4th or 5th block take a meal.................dont eat too
and you are like 70% done.
just give the blocks and after each block write something good about
i used the marker pad just for that..............
This willl be the best exam that you have ever given in your

Ok Folks Enjoy your life,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
You already have the VISA POWER now you only need extra mileage on your
if you need any help i would be glad to be of assistance
best of luck to all
i m sure everyone will do great......anyone and everyone can get a 99 because we are doctors... lol!
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Here Is How To Get A 99 On Step 1
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