USMLE Step 1,2,3 & Residency Match Prepration.
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 MATCH 2010 Guide:

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PostSubject: MATCH 2010 Guide:   Fri Jun 12, 2009 12:12 pm

Strategy for The Match..

U shud be..

Registered With ECFMG to get ECFMG/USMLE ID-Takes Upto 7days sometimes

Applied For Step1 in October2007 for the slot november-Jan

Took exam In December2007

Apply for Step2 CK and CS For the Slot Feb -April (For CS its 1year slot) in January2008-Send CIN form(Form 186 with Medical credentials if u Get diploma by that time)

Verification is almost 2 month process ..Mean while prepare for nex exam..

Took exam in March/April2008

Start process for Visa in April/May2008

Apply for and attend Visa Interview In MAY2008

Start to US and Take Step2CS Exam in June/ by July5th 2008

Gather LOR's ,Pay ERAS token fee(75$) and get AAMC ID-July1st/August 2008(Myeras opens o July1st)

Send documents thru post (U may even send early !) Between July1st- August1st 2008..

August is the main month Prepare the IMG friendly lists/Gather the Programs u like,Prepare Personal statement,Prepare CV add colours and essenses to it...

Dont Submit CAF ("Common application form" until u feel its complete) -'coz once u submit it it's locked...And it reflects ur Entire Qualifications,etc.,

Apply to Programs u like On the Night of August31-2008 after 12PM

And assign LOR's to atleast one programs 'coz they wont appear even If they r scanned unless they were assigned...

And from there to see the time line go to my blog..

Mean while dont forget to apply for Observerships/Externships 'coz they take long time to get a chance and they r a plus to ur CV..

I hope Most of u are already in the Middle of this path...And GL to all of u !

ERAS Calender for the Match-2009
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MATCH 2010 Guide:
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