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 Criteria for & Chances Of getting residency...A rough Idea

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Criteria for & Chances Of getting residency...A rough Idea Empty
PostSubject: Criteria for & Chances Of getting residency...A rough Idea   Criteria for & Chances Of getting residency...A rough Idea Icon_minitimeFri Jun 12, 2009 12:13 pm

I would like to say..If we take INTERNAL MEDICINE only...

We have a total384programs of which 378 programs go for NRMP match,And accept applications only thru ERAS....Of which around 180 programs are IMG/FMG Friendly...And each program if has an average of 10 positions A total of 1800 positions available...Its not the end..I am Talking about Categorical positions only....What about Prelim positions ???(of course they r competetive..not impossible....!!!)
So if a total of 5000 ppl apply they will apply for more than 1program so there will be overlap...And each top Scorer wont get interview from all programs...And there r several criteria like Applied on September 1st,,,,Had USCE,,,Etcetra etcetra...

So ur chance of getting residency is.. 1 in <2.5 so try hard and u get a couple of interviews Which will be enough to fetch u Residency if u try hard....

Criteria For Getting a Residency Interview:--Order of importance
Disclaimer: its only my perspective and experience from various blogs,Program Criterias
As u can see in dIgitaldoc's Residency program response databse..

I want u guys to see and analyze this to read minds of the PD's ;-)

1.Scores r the main ones--Atleast Get one High 90's(>95)score it will compensate the other one even if u get it in high/mid 80's(And i feel that second score if high it looks good looks like u improved ur score ;-) )
Even if u dont get good score in Step1dont let urself down Its not the end of the world...Try hard for the second one...Also ECFMG CERTIFICATION some times
2.CS Pass In Single Attempt: dont worry some wont consider it

3.Year Of Graduation: Recent year graduate high chance a kinda Fresh !!

4.USCE: One of the difficult ones to get..Do anything like observership/externship/Mini Residency..

5.Research Experience & Publications in International Journals

6.Visa requirement:Apply to programs which sponsor both J1 & H1B ..Only J1 sponsoring ones give u max no of Interviews...(If U r a Green Card Holder/Citizen......Hoooooooolah u dont even need u read all this Junk/crap posts posted for IMG's !!!)...This plays the main roll in post amtch scramble*

7.IMG friendly Residencies like...IM,Pediatrics,FP,Obg/GYN,Neurology,Anaesthesiology,Psychiatry
only in these chances of getting interviews/residency are high...And in them CATEGORICAL the easy ones to get Vs Prelim positions

7.and Finally Illegal ones like CONTACTS official name for the recommendations---Play roll in Postmatch scramble,Fetching Observerships,Interviews.etc.,
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Criteria for & Chances Of getting residency...A rough Idea
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