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 For those who lost in CIS

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For those who lost in CIS Empty
PostSubject: For those who lost in CIS   For those who lost in CIS Icon_minitimeWed Jun 24, 2009 8:55 pm

This is the information I got from various sources about the exam after i lost in CIS. All this information may or may not help you but it helped me a lot and i passed the exam. Just wanted to share this because there is so much confussion for the IMG’️s regarding the exam. Hope this information will help you guys out there. I think that all the information is correct as far as I know. I'm posting this information with the intention of helping others and I am not responsible if someone is misguided because of this information

1) Be confident and sleep well the night before the exam.

2)Get dressed neat and use moderate deodorant ( it's a must )

3) Knock the door; close the door (don't forget to do that) ; approach the SP slowly ( don't rush to him ); smile; introduce yourself and your role, greet him with a handshake and remember his last name only & don't forget to ask if you pronounced it right.

4) Ask if the SP is comfortable.

5) Now keep your pen and pad on the chair and say thay " I will cover you with this cloth to make you more comfortable " ( don't do all the draping and introducing at the same time. Do only one thing at a time.)

6) Now take both pen and pad and ask the SP " Do you mind if I sit down? " and wait for his permission. Please try to sit in the exam instead of standing. It makes you lot relaxed and focussed. Believe me. (Try it while you are practicing ). If you stand you will get exhausted for the last encounters and you may compromise your performance in them.

7) Now ask "What brings you to the hospital" and go into the history . Now after the chief complaint, say that " Well I can see that it must be bothering you.I am glad that you came here.  I will do everything possible to help you. Just bare me for few minutes, I will ask few more questions " . This thing should be in a very sympathetic tone which  makes sure that you are really caring for the patient. ( Don't ever say the word " Don't worry " any where in your history). False assurances are a fatal mistake in the exam.

Cool Two important features of CIS are " Paraphrasing " and " Summarizing " and also showing sympathy when appropriate.

9) Paraphrasing : After asking the patient about the Chief complaint in detail repeat what he told to him; this shows that you are listening to the SP. Do this thing at least 2 times in your history. Paraphrasing concentrates on only a particular symptom unlike Summarizing which gives overview of the whole case.

10) Summarize after the history in brief . Do the counseling bit here if you had not done that before. Now proceed to the physical

11) Just ask " Now, I am going to do some physical on you. For this I have to wash my hands. Please excuse me for a moment "

12) While washing hands don't ask any questions. Think what you should do in the Physical. (after washing hands approach the SP with your hands high, not touching any thing just as a surgeon approaches to the operation after scrubbing). If you talk while washing the hands you can’️t maintain eye contact. Make sure that while you turn the knob of the sink off; don't do it with your hand but use a tissue to turn the knob off after washing your hands.

13) Now before touching the Sp place your hand on him and ask if he feels your hand cold (if yes rub your hands and ask again )

14) If during any test he complaints of any pain say " I am sorry, I need to do this test to know what actually is the cause for your problem. Next time i will be gentle." ( never avoid any test fearing that it may cause pain to the SP. Just explain him the importance of the test)

15) After the physical; sit down and say " Let me share my impression with you and summarize him"

16) Before leaving ask " Have you understood everything we discussed today " & " Do you have any questions"

17) Say that " Have a good day. It was nice meeting you. Take care of your health. I will leave my no. with the nurse, you can call me at any time and i will be glad to help you.

1Cool Never worry about the time. 15 mins is enough . Believe me. I got out at 14 min on an average . If you leave early you loose points. If you finish the case soon sit down and say " Let me check if I have got all my facts right" (you might remember some points)

19) Never write anything while the SP is speaking. For that fact don't even use your pen in the room (if at all you use, just note 1 or 2 points; not more that). It's so important because you loose 2 points if you write while the Sp is speaking . You are not maintaining eye contact and you are not listening to him. Believe me you will remember everything the SP said after coming out ( Remember you have paraphrased; so you can't forget as the information is safe in the brail )

20)When after 10 min during the encounter ; when they do the announcement it may interrupt you. Don't show any frustration then. Just wait till the announcement is over and then carry on. Keep your smile and cool here. Don't ever show that you are tensed or frustrated at any point in the exam.

21)Also while doing the physical never ever touch the gown of the patient. Your duty is to just tie or untie the gown. Lowering the gown is done by the SP. Ask “Now I am going to examine your chest. For this I want you to lower your gown. Let me help you to untie your gown."

22)Never talk at the back of the SP. If at all you have to do that, say “ Now I am going to examine your back. I may give some instructions from the back. Please follow them.”

That's all I can remember about it. I will let you know if i know anything more.
Just be confident and carry on with the preparation. Don't get any negative thoughts. This exam is all about smart preparation.

Don't hear when anyone says, this exam is easy, I didn't do that, i didn't do this; but i passed the exam. These people should thank their lucky stars if it was so. Of course there is some room for error in the exam but that shouldn't make you complacent in the preparation. While practicing there should be zero room for error and I mean it.

Just do what all is needed to pass and you will pass it. So, practice from on and give the exam .(If you have passed the exam in ICE previously you can give the exam in a week or so. Fine tune your preparation and you will notice the change). Just introduce the above points into your preparation and you will come out with flying colors.
All the best for your exam.
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For those who lost in CIS
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