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 Step 1 - How to master the exam

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PostSubject: Step 1 - How to master the exam   Wed Jun 24, 2009 9:59 pm

This is the basic sciences test, what is taught during the initial years of Medical School. The USMLE divides these into:

* General Principles
* Hematopoietic and Lymphoreticular Systems
* Central and Peripheral Nervous Systems
* Skin and Related Connective Tissue
* Musculoskeletal System
* Respiratory System
* Cardiovascular System
* Gastrointestinal System
* Renal/Urinary System
* Reproductive System
* Endocrine System

I will not bore you with the same information contained in the Bulletin of Information. I will go straight to the point.

To be able to sit for the actual exam and do well, this is what I have done

1. Timing, timing, timing

The absolute first thing is to allocate enough time to study. If you have 1 week to prepare, you may pass, but in no way you will get scores that will get you a place in the best Residency Programs.
At least 2 months of daily reading is the very least you need to do well.

2. Get the right materials and stick to it

Do some research and find the best materials that fit your learning needs. Do not buy all books that are out there. Focus on the very best ones, usually by choosing from the first 3 top-ranked resources from First Aid for USMLE Step 1.
Buy one or two of those good books and read it more than once. I believe you retain more information if you read the same material more than once as opposed to reading it once and slowly.

3. Do as many tests that you can

For the USMLE, what matters is not only how much you know, but how well you can integrate your basic medical knowledge with the clinical scenario that is presented. For this to occur, it is all about pattern recognition. You have to recognize disease in more than one classic presentation, that is where the tests come in.
Split your time, about 50% tests and 50% textbook reading.

4. Do not become desperate

For many of us it is difficult to manage that amount of information at once. Let me break the news: it is only going to get worse, more information will come, and faster. But do not worry: odds are that you will succeed. So do your best and be confident that you will pass. Positive attitude is a big ally.

5. Rest when you need

It is not useful to study when you are tired. So try to establish a decent schedule so that your brain is actually working when you are in front of a book.
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Step 1 - How to master the exam
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