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 Kaplan Assessment for USMLE Step3' Copyright 2004

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PostSubject: Kaplan Assessment for USMLE Step3' Copyright 2004   Wed Jul 15, 2009 11:40 am

These are PDF files
containing KAPLAN STEP 3 ASSESSMENT EXAMS (from 2004). They Contain
board-style step 3 questions with answers and explantions alongside.
The questions are divided up into IM, OBGYN, PEDS, SURGERY, etc. Good
for anyone in search of more practice step 3 (Q-bank style) questions.

6 PDF files (5 unique) in RAR
each of 5 unique PDFs has questions & answers to USMLE Step 3 Qs
63p (75 Qs to pg 38) 827e medicine explanations.pdf 526,056 bytes
39p (NON-Unique, 75 Qs only) 827t_ Internal Medicine Assessment.pdf 610,148 bytes
37p (50 Qs to pg 18) 828e ..PEDS_Explanations.pdf 349,824 bytes
23p (25 Qs to pg 18) 829e..Psych. & Ethics _explanations.pdf 210,617 bytes
35p (50 Qs to pg 20) 830e..Surgery Assessment _explanations.pdf 314,510 bytes
43p (50 Qs to pg 18) 831e ..OBGYN_Explanations.pdf 1,038,103 bytes
no covers, contents, index, bibliography
Title pages of each PDF indicate 'Kaplan Assessment for USMLE Step3' Copyright 2004
Could not find Duplicate (searched: Kaplan, USMLE Step 3)

Download bounce
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Kaplan Assessment for USMLE Step3' Copyright 2004
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